The demo for Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels 4

…is a physics based racing game with a lot of gory twists. The courses are tricky. The racers move like actual bodies for full realism. When the player misses a turn and falls into a pit with a giant spinning spiked pole the blood and body parts fly.

The demo for Happy Wheels 4 is more involved then most demos. It promises to give a full taste of the game instead of just a teaser. First, you select your course. You have choices of an Obstacle Course followed by Gut Bus Extreme, BMX_Park II, Snowy Mountain *final*, Dawn of the Dead lvl 1, A large Satan Eats u, Trap Trac and finally, It Keeps Happening and Rope Swings. The levels are creatively named and vary a lot in style. Truly, this is a game for everyone who enjoys a game of racing carnage.


Each level is labeled as to what kind of game play you can expect. All of them include lots of gory fun and dismemberment waiting to happen. A large Satan eats u, for example, starts with the player shoved into the gullet of a large Satan and has the player try to make it out alive… and that’s not easy!

Second, you pick your character. Demo characters are a crazed hobo on a rocket wheelchair, a businessman on a Segway and a father and son on a bike. Each character has a special move to increase speed. For example, the hobo turns on his rocket to zoom. Each one handles differently thanks to the games physics; Segway man almost hops along as he avoids pitfalls. In a great realistic touch the father and son can both fall out of the bike…and the son suffers the same fate as his unlucky father. What a fun game demo!

Some fun stats on what the top most played characters are in Happy Wheels:

  1. Irresponsible dad
  2. Segway guy
  3. Helicopter man
  4. Pogostick man
  5. Wheelchair guy
  6. Lawnmower man
  7. Santa Claus
  8. Moped couple
  9. Explorer guy
  10. Irresponsible mom
  11. Effective shopper

It is a little saddening to say, but I actually really like effective shopper and am a little disappointed that she’s on the bottom of the list.

Link download Happy Wheels game

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